Feb 012011
Homemade Sausage

They say that sausage and legislating are two processes that you don’t want to witness. When you make your own sausage, however, you have complete control over the ingredients and the process. SHE and I have ground sausage by hand for years. We have used both a hand crank grinder and an attachment to our [...]

Jan 012011

Now that I have fetched and toted what has seemed like tons of holiday greens and ingredients into our house and out again, it’s time to set things straight…time to get back to normal. First, I tackled our overworked refrigerators. Both SHE and I hate to throw away the last tidbits of ingredients and condiments [...]

Wild game is very much a part of our diet, particularly during hunting season.

When checking the freezer for space, I found that our venison supply was getting low. SHE was off on a two-day jaunt to Lexington and Lynchburg, so I figured I could get in some serious hunting. I chose a spot and prepared my deer stand, high up in a tree that gave me a full [...]

Duck, Sausage and Oyster Gumbo

Because I have been writing for In The Kitchen magazine for some years now, readers know that I like to hunt and fish, and to eat my catch. Through the years, SHE and I have developed a number of recipes to make good use of various fish, birds, and game – both small and large. [...]

Food, sometimes free for the asking, can make great additions to your pantry

I am a forager by nature and this time of year you can add gleaner to my character as well.  I’m always willing to help pick the end of a crop because I know that there will be fruits and vegetables remaining that I can take home for free.  Also I let it be known [...]

Sep 012010
Smokey grilled vegetables

I’m more fond of grilling meats but after a trip to Planet Earth Diversified farmers market stands* SHE talked me into a grill full of fresh, seasonal vegetables, and it turned out to be a delicious experience. Get a head start on a week’s meal plan by grilling lots of seasonal vegetables. Prepare enough to [...]

Aug 012010
Burgers SHE Adores

Burgers are quick and easy and great for a quick supper.  I like to think of them as a meal fit for my queen, or even company.  Burgers are first-class when prepared with fresh ingredients.  Often costing $20 or more in fine restaurants; they use prime ingredients and take time to make them special. Take [...]

Jul 202010
A Work In Progres

After struggling for many years and failing to have an edible garden in the patio, the recent craze for planting vegetables in the front yard encouraged us to give it a try.  Last year, we covered over the grassy section with mulch inoculated with mushroom mycelium, that regularly surprised us with Garden Giant mushrooms.  In [...]

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